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Codex of HAVAIII

Soulful Wandering

The act of moving about the globe without a definite destination, guided by one’s own soul, an ever-present state of wanderlust and the desire to discover meaning by exploring the unknown, whether this may be a place on earth or a space within. Ceaselessly reaching beyond one’s zone of comfort; in the end to find oneself in the only true adventure that is life.

Our soul is who we are,
Where we have been,
What we have seen.


Handmade to Order

Our goods are individually made by the hands of our people at HAVAIII, one piece at a time just for you. Whether it’s our apparel, gear or accessories you desire, our goods are made of superior quality fabrics and materials upon your order. Timeless and lasting for the soulful wanderer within you.


Inspire to Travel

Our love for seeing the world in all its true beauty is what we aim to share through our ideas, our designs and our goods with you and all wanderers to come. Across the globe, we view our purpose - as the people at HAVAIII - in creating means to inspire individuals like yourself to explore this planet of ours. Embarking on adventures, reaching beyond one’s zone of comfort to find beauty out there and, ultimately, discover true meaning along the journey that is life.


Explore and Discover

To the strangers we meet,
To the places we seek.

To the risks we don't mind,
To the beauty we find.

The journey is life,
Be adventurous and strive.

The sky is your cover,
Explore and discover.


United by Wanderlust

Travelling places – near and far – to explore and discover is what we, the people at HAVAIII, sincerely believe in. We believe that all of us are united by a universal love for wandering this beautiful earth. Every travel, journey and adventure we embark on during our shared time on this planet enriches our daily, fast-paced lives and provides us with meaning, defining who we truly are.

Be your part and spread this love with us across continents, across the globe.

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