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Journal of Nomadic Life

  • Flowers on the Rocks

    Exploring the diverse vegetation of a coast-sided rock wall, while the sunshine relentlessly turns any surface below our feet into heat-radiating textures making it hard to continue our gradual ascend. Patches of yellowish-green grass here and there present the only form of rest, a relieving 'cushion' for tender foot soles.

    Discovering an astounding array of plants and colourful flowers grown right atop this merciless surface, transforming the solid rock into a unique home for only the fittest and most heat-resistant creatures in Mexico.

  • Coastal Breeze

    Exploring the often gently wind-struck coast with its beautiful vegetation of plants, trees and bushes, that have adapted themselves to these salt-rich, windy conditions; on a darkly coloured rock formation grows a lone, yet beautifully light-green bush praised with beams of sunshine.

    Discovering beauty from a different perspective while resting firmly on the warm surface of the sun-drenched rock; shade is only sparsely provided by the bush grown aside. The ocean's waves echo in the near distance, as they roll slowly upon the shore.

  • A Green Mile

    Exploring volcano rock cliffs and strips of white-washed sand, having our eyes fixed on the green mile of palm trees and bushes to our right that stretch along the coast; to our left, azure-blue water approaches almost soundlessly our feet only to retract itself moving back into the ocean. A walk through paradise.

    Discovering a feeling of endlessness to the moment, the moment of sauntering across white sand in-between oceanic beauty and tropical wilderness. This is where dreams are morphed into reality and life attains its simplicity.

  • Motionless and Light

    Exploring the rocky shorelines near Xel-Há while allowing our bodies to float on the water's surface, tenderly being carried by a soft current of fresh, chilled water. Out here, only waves splashing against us from time to time create sounds; while our bodies move smoothly and steadily, life appears to be motionless.

    Discovering a state of complete relaxation of the body and the mind, having all physical and mental burdens carried by outer forces. Out here, we are stripped of all the weight. Out here, we are light and we are free.

  • Miles and Miles

    Exploring the heat-struck, worn-out roads between Chacalal and Akumal during a day trip, which is taking us north; always following along Quintana Roo's miles and miles of breath-taking coastland. The glowing sun as our omnipresent companion and hundreds of palm trees in plain sight.

    Discovering the sun's marks on everything, which is left out in the open for its relentless rays to dry, deteriorate and destroy. Only the strong and sturdy are spared from heat exhaustion.

  • Fields of Joyfulness

    Exploring a remote and narrow footpath on our quest for the day; finding a quite, calm spot to rest in the middle of a deserted, sun filled field. Here we rest to take in all the beauty before we embark on new adventures, once again.

    Discovering joyfulness caused by the subtle, yet constant beams of sunlight, which drench our bodies in comfortable warmth, along with the high grown wild grass, which tickles our faces with every soft blow of wind. What a beautiful way to say goodbye, so we can head off towards new countries.

  • Canadian Peaks

    Exploring a national park near the Canadian Rockies with its incredible abundance of magnificent, dark green trees forming a forest, which seems to expand further than the eyes can see. Our sight of the forest and the mountainous backdrop being interrupted from time to time by the piercing spring sunshine.

    Discovering a refreshing awakening of the senses brought upon by Canada's pure air and the subtle, yet apparent temperature fluctuations while coming in and out of the shade provided by the woods as well as the comfort of the warm spring sun.

  • Waterton Lakes

    Exploring a mountain path in Waterton Park, which stretches around the town amid the gracious giants. Mountains shielded in dark green forests and topped off with hints of powder snow.

    Discovering the mesmerizing effect of nature's very own beauty displayed ahead for all hikers and adventurers to see. A beauty so pure and ever changing depending on what angle and season it is mindfully captured.

  • Perpetual Serenity

    Exploring a narrow hiking trail leading towards Bear's Hump, an extravagant vantage point overlooking the mountain grandeur of Alberta's breathtaking Waterton. Turquoise lakes below, gradient blue skies above.

    Discovering the soothing sensation of natural serenity overcoming the human mind; allowing our focus to shift away from external influences to inner tranquility, which appears to expand further within while exposed to this moment of purity.

  • Treetops and Mountain Peaks

    Exploring a shallow riverbed at the edge of the Canadian Rockies during a blissful spring day, watching a cluster of clouds roll in across the mountain peaks. An indicator that the hours of sun-drenched joy will soon come to an end.

    Discovering how the subtle shifting in one's very own perspective and angle can reveal a great deal more of what nature has to offer; a simple glance towards the sky, rather than straight ahead may bring out the 'unseen' in an all so familiar environment.

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