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Journal of Nomadic Life

  • Fogged Out

    Exploring the hilltops on Lamma Island after ascending towards its higher grounds via curvy, barely carved out footpaths leading us through a lush cluster of trees and occasional bushes; fresh, moist air fills the thicket around us while unfamiliar birds chirp high-pitched, short serenades from above.

    Discovering an almost tranquilising sense of contentment far above the island's coast; from up here the surrounding forests' lusciously green hues create a subtle, yet uniquely opulent picture in front of the fogged out highland backdrop.

  • Below a Green Veil

    Exploring the thickly grown forest, which covers the vast majority of Lamma Island, turning this formation of volcanic rock off the coast of Hong Kong into a green Eden. The absence of roads and footpaths tells a lot about this quite, little spot of tranquility, and so we adventure below the island's green veil of palm trees and bushes to find more hidden beauty.

    Discovering 'human presence' in the form of little gardens - fenced off by objects washed onto the shore - located in the very centre of the island; a lone gardner is preparing her neatly organised fields for future crop. So remote, so hidden from the outside world.

  • A Place of Reticence

    Exploring the sleepy island of Lamma, a place so close to Hong Kong's overloaded streets and flourishing businesses, yet so far from it all. A contrast so apparent when arriving at the island's harbour in a nutshell-like vessel, and once you have stepped onto solid ground after a bumpy 'sea ride', reticence roams the streets and their adjacent little shops.

    Discovering a feeling of appreciation for the island's modestly charming character; time appears to be of little significance here as it comes in abundance to all its inhabitants. The neighbouring 'rush of city life' fails to reach across the water allowing the simple life to prevail.

  • Atop the Cityscapes

    Exploring the Po Fu Lam Country Park that overlooks Hong Kong's urbanely beautiful skyline of impressively diverse high-rise buildings. A view certainly worth the descend; from the polluted streets of downtown to hilltop views offering a constant breeze of humid, yet fresh air.

    Discovering an almost unexpected side of our temporary new home that provides an escape to the fast-paced city life by providing a 'touch of nature' in close proximity to us all. A pleasant discovery, which marks the beginning of yet another adventure.

  • Souvenir of the Soul

    Exploring a lofty cliff top, which appears to be covered as a whole in olive-green grass and compactly grown bushes; our return to Tulum with its pure beauty and mysterious ruins had only been a matter of time. Now it may serve us as our final destination in Mexico before embarking on new adventures overseas.

    Discovering Tulum's uniquely enticing charm for a second time, a charm bringing peace as well as a feeling of belonging. Memories of this special place will remain with us for long and so will its spirit, a souvenir of the soul.

  • Through the Palm Trees

    Exploring the vibrantly green, yet rare-to-find strips of palm trees on Isla Mujeres, a petite island off the Riviera Maya coastline. After a smooth, gently wave-struck ferry ride, this is the place to call home for a day; rest we may find in the neatly knitted hammocks.

    Discovering placidity within the cooling, protective shade of the towering palms; from here the view of the calm ocean appears extraordinarily sublime, due to a complacent state of mind.

  • The Last Day

    Exploring the now so familiar surroundings of our little beach hut; the coastal strip of pure, white-glooming sand and its dark-green counterpart, a mile of wind-struck palms trees enclosed by thickly-grown bushland. A place on earth so innocent, a spot so serene. Right before our very eyes.

    Discovering a feeling of content within us that has been evolving since day one of our arrival here, a feeling so pristine that it may not be forgotten once we are bound to leave. Photographs of this haven will remain in our keeping for long and its memories may prevail forever with us.

  • The Outlook

    Exploring the completely deserted strip of sandy paradise, walking up and down this beautiful, white 'boulevard of coastal bliss' allowing the turquoise-blue water to cool the soles of our feet. Here we can remain, here we can be.

    Discovering a simplistic, yet profoundly satisfying outlook towards life while sitting in the soothing shade of our beach hut staring into the distant blue-green water masses of the ocean.

  • Home by the Sea

    Exploring the hidden miles of palm trees and sand within the biosphere reservoir of Sian Ka'an; protected beach bliss concealed from the public eye by a tropical forest. The sound of the calm ocean is the sole guide through the thickly grown woods.

    Discovering a little, run-down beach hut prominently placed by the sea; the steady-blowing wind has taken its obvious toll on the palm leaf roofing. The hut's charm and subtle grandeur, however, still remain and provide us with a perfectly idyllic resting place.

  • Sacred Bay

    Exploring the sheltered serenity of a remote bay along the Riviera Maya; peaceful beauty all around us. For the time being, we consider ourselves to being alone, the lone proprietors of paradise.

    Discovering the satisfactory feeling of having found a tranquil place to comfortably rest our souls in solitude and simply take in the moments as they pass, one after the other. Each and every one of them beautiful and mesmerising in their very own way. Our peaceful paradise.

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