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Journal of Nomadic Life

  • Volcanic Island

    Exploring the volcanic grounds of Rangitoto Island, a surprisingly green and exceptionally blooming sanctuary existing entirely on solid, ash-grey rock formations, which reach far into the surrounding turquoise waters. From the very top of the crater, we look out on the abundance of lush forest below expanding to all sides.

    Discovering quietude in this place of high altitude while our eyes move mindfully across the vast green spaces towards the ocean, and from the azure-blue radiance of the sea towards the diamond hues of the sky. Up here, true beauty shows.

  • Field of Joy

    Exploring a field of summer flowers resembling buds of cotton. Each and every bud delicately moving side to side in the cool breeze from the nearby ocean while the late afternoon sun spreads comfort and warmth all-around. Among the culms we rest and witness a sea of these cotton-like heads dance swiftly to the cadence of the wind.

    Discovering a mesmerising feeling of gratitude for this moment of pure beauty and unique perfection displayed by nature, a synergy of this planet’s treasures set in scene by the bright shining rays of the sun and placed in motion by a gentle, yet steady sea breeze.

  • Parklands

    Exploring the parklands on the North Shore in all its vastness and splendour; patches of vividly coloured flowers sporadically appear behind clusters of magnificent trees. Above us the sapphire-blue sky and its afternoon sun, which is repeatedly obstructed by passing bundles of clouds.

    Discovering an unexpected haven for the soul underneath this 'roof of leaves' among the trees, while looking up through the openings here and there to be delightfully pleased with the sky's interplay of colours, clouds and sunny rays.

  • Placidity

    Exploring the jagged cliff sides of the North Shore as we continue our trekking journey along Auckland's East Coast Bays, a collective of undisturbed coves where only the locals occasionally roam the sandy strips and the grand, ever-moving ocean resembles a placid body of turquoise purity.

    Discovering inspiration in the stillness of the sea while the subtle onshore winds carve ripples into the water's aquamarine surface; around us the high-rising rock walls bestow a sense of privacy and shelter for us to simply be.

  • By the Shore

    Exploring the North Shore while trekking along the southern end of the peninsula; after a scenic ascend to the top of North Head, we sight an almost clandestine, barely touched passage running steeply down the east-end of this volcanic elevation. At its foot, we are blessed with the solitude of this secluded cove and the majestic appearance of Rangitoto Island in the far distance.

    Discovering a transcending feeling of gratitude within us for this very spot and its accompanying scenery, a sublime scenery only being surpassed by the solitude instilled in this site. While the ocean water soothes our soles, we rest our minds on this unforgettable view.

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