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Journal of Nomadic Life

  • Ranch Life

    A remote ranch in Western Australia.

    Exploring a horse ranch in the heart of Kalbarri during the heat-abused afternoon hours, which bring a subtle sense of fatigue along. A forceful tranquility for the body, mind and soul.

    Discovering a comfortably spreading sensation of restfulness accompanied by a communal feeling of peacefulness as we gaze across the acres of dry-grown plants and bare standing trees. And among it all a handful of horses frolic beside the vividly coloured flower bushes.

  • White Desert

    White Desert in Western Australia.

    Exploring the near-perfect, white sand of a desert north of Perth while the merciless heat radiates from above as well as underneath our very feet. Despite the conditions being almost too hot to bare, we dare to hike up the dunes for a spot below the sun.

    Discovering peacefulness resting on the very top of a grand sand dune overlooking the beautiful, endless appearing nothingness of plain sand all around.

  • A Source of Joy

    Perth's sunshine in Western Australia.

    Exploring the sunlit avenues of Western Australia's metropolitan Perth, wondering through passageways and backalleys with Australia's endless seeming sunshine accompanying us wherever we go.

    Discovering the comfort, joy and warmth that this source of infinite life has to offer. An offer with no need for reciprocation; an offer with no expectation of returning the favour other than keeping our planet whole.

  • Wide Open Spaces

    Perth in Western Australia.

    Exploring the wide open spaces along Perth's waterfront while the late afternoon sun draws its shades across lawns, streets, trees and buildings. A beautifully subtle gesture to welcome us in the Southern Hemisphere, more specifically DownUnder.

    Discovering serenity in this flourishing city with its generously spaced greenery that so peacefully shares its existence within Perth's concrete covered face.

  • Through the Clouds

    Exploring the vastness of land while crossing the African continent by air. Below us we are stunned by the diversity of shapes carved into white, cumulus clouds; a beauty only nature can put on display at 40,000 feet.

    Discovering the sensation of growing excitement within us all, an ever-lasting anticipation brought upon after leaving one continent behind only to arrive on a new one very soon. Once again, ready to explore and discover the unknown.

  • Guiding Rays

    Exploring the narrow back-alleys and pathways leading us from the oceanfront's wide-open spaces to the tightly spaced, concrete jungle of hotel complexes and residential buildings. Right above us the slowly descending, late afternoon sun guides us through these towering walls of anonymity.

    Discovering the joy of following the day's last sun rays and appreciating the warm, comforting feeling of our primary source of energy before having blocks of concrete conceal this simplistic beauty. Oh, what bliss and true freedom this looming fireball can bring to us.

  • Concrete Promenade

    Exploring the beautifully sunlit beach promenade just outside downtown Durban. Following the long and crowded cement strip along a calm oceanfront, we head towards uShaka, a hotspot attempting to bring together South Africa's native traditions and cultural elements with commercialised Western modernity.

    Discovering a feeling of anticipation and curiosity during the walk towards uShaka while being exposed to the culturally clashing aspects of Durban's downtown poverty and tourism's materialistic prosperity.

  • Hilltop View

    Exploring the higher grounds of Durban's superbly green Umhlanga district in the early afternoon sunlight. And while we gaze over flower bushes and treetops we always seek to find the ocean, a sight almost impossible to spot from afar, due to the tall grown trees and piercing beams of the sun.

    Discovering the refreshing abundance of green along the way to the top of the hill and the soothing, accompanying sounds of the ocean's waves ever present in the background. Very faintly at the very bottom of the hill we hear wave after wave quietly rolling onto the washed out, sandy shores.

  • Nature's Rooftop

    Exploring the shade-providing bush lands while we wander about under the glistening South African sun. Here and there we listen in on a variety of animal sounds echoing from the bottom of the trees to the very rooftops of the high grown palms.

    Discovering the cooling nature of these green giants, which we seem to be sharing with hidden animals all around us. An exhilarating feeling sweeps over us from time to time when we come to realise once more that we are being surrounded by exotic wildlife seeking shelter within the flourishing vegetation.

  • A Multifaceted Strip

    The beach strip in Durban, South Africa.

    Exploring the versatile, coastal strip of sand and pathways subtly covered in weeds and bushes along Umhlanga's hazy coastline; a merger of contrasting terrains becoming obvious to the naked eye. All of this situated in front of a highly rising, concrete jungle stretching far inland, the urban centre of Durban.

    Discovering a sense of pleasure and a feeling of luxury of having such diversity at one's disposal, right within reach. Day in and day out, no matter the season, yet simultaneously so different to our usual habitats out in the true wild.

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