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Journal of Nomadic Life

  • Under the Pohutukawa Trees

    Exploring the vast green spaces along Mission Bay, a picturesque backdrop for an unfolding scene of suburban life by the shore. While we sit under the Pohutukawa trees appreciating the quiet shade, we become witnesses to the essence of social living near the sea as well as the ocean's integral part in people's lives.

    Discovering a sense of gratitude for a lifestyle based on the essentials, on what is truly important in life. Genuine social interactions and the proximity to the deep blue sea; comfort and calm for our restless souls.

  • The Lone Palm

    Exploring the serenely secluded Parnell Baths in Judges Bay during a heat filled summer's day, unwinding from our travels underneath the azure-blue sky. Feeling the soft grass on naked skin while the sun's bright rays place a squinty smile upon our faces.

    Discovering a state of natural ataraxia brought upon by an inner focus on our calming surroundings, a genuine centering of the mind and soul towards the flawless beauty of the sky. Its only obstruction being a majestically tall grown palm tree.

  • Resting Place

    Exploring the jagged coastline stretching along the east of Auckland, with enshrouded footpaths leading us from one hidden gem to the next. By the water from time to time, our eyes catch a glimpse of Rangitoto through the heavy bushes. A distant sight covered in the afternoon haze.

    Discovering a sense of secret admiration for this unknown island, which strikes our sight while we rest ourselves in the comforting shade below a grand oak tree. Hidden from the nearby city life, we are left in adoration by nature once again.

  • Dawn of Colours

    Exploring the streets of Auckland upon our arrival in New Zealand while the night's gloom lingers between high-rise buildings and Victorian-style houses; we make our way towards one of the many hilltops of this city built beautifully on a volcanic landscape. Slowly, yet steadily the dawning sunlight dyes the cloud-struck sky in an array of summer hues.

    Discovering a beautifully invigorating feeling of anticipation and impatience as a new day, a new beginning filled with adventures unfolds in all its grandeur and colours before our very eyes. New Zealand may, for now, be our captivating new home.

  • The Pristine Garden

    Exploring the clandestine trails concealed by a multitude of cloud-shaped Asian pines in Nan Lian Garden, peeking through coppice of green while seeking our way under and above curved tree branches. From time to time, the glistening sun pierces through the thick ceiling of pines reminding us of Hong Kong's humid heat; a heat from which we are protected in the garden's cooling shade.

    Discovering a calming sensation brought upon by the cleansing air entering the lunges leaving us with a cooling tingle traveling from head to toe; our eyes closed and bodies resting below the pines. Here we remain before it is - once again - time to depart and journey towards a foreign land.

  • Golden Purity

    Exploring the serenely located Chi Lin Nunnery in the heart of San Po Kong, a sight so extraordinarily majestic and gracious among the insipid high-rises towering all around. Leaving behind pollution, noise and other burdens of city life when stepping through the heavy wooden gates into calming placidity.

    Discovering a sense of spirituality imbuing the heart and soul, while our bodies replenish themselves with the all-surrounding fresh air. Here one feels whole, here one feels pure.

  • The Distant City

    Exploring the jungle-esque, almost wild outskirts of Hong Kong on our return from Lantau Island. In this undisturbed hinterland high up on a hill, one can peak through the thickly grown trees to find oneself far-removed from civilisation.

    Discovering gratitude for the feeling of belonging, belonging to this distant civilisation, yet simultaneously appreciating one's presence in the wild. Being far from human contact and engagement.

  • Place of Peace

    Exploring a place of peacefulness and shared serenity, Lantau Island's majestically magnificent bronze statue of the Tian Tan Buddha. A large-scale artwork made by the human hand; in precision embroidered to emblazon its glory. Towering tall, yet quietly and humble over the hilltops covered in dark-green forests.

    Discovering an overpowering sense of appreciation for this monumental reminder to pursue compassion and wisdom, an elevated gesture to mankind. Seen and felt by all individuals seeking the unknown, embarking on journeys across the globe to find true meaning.

  • Life on the Water

    Exploring Hong Kong's crowded Victoria Harbour after our safe return to the mainland, boats and ships of all sizes and shapes huddled together creating an almost surreal picture of a 'floating city'. While our walnut-shaped boat smoothly navigates its way through the narrow water passages, we glimpse inside spacious, neatly organised house boats from a far past decade. Here time seems to have come to a standstill.

    Discovering a rare charm conveyed by both the individuals, who claim these floating residences their homes, as well as the 'water domiciles' themselves. Life on the water in Victoria Harbour resembles a refreshing, yet also drastic change to the mainland's urban living making Hong Kong truly a city of contrasts.

  • Tidal Movements

    Exploring Lo So Shing Bay after returning from the cloud-covered hilltops of Lamma Island; the tide has gone out and left the bay domain exposed, appearing almost naked. A glimmering layer of swampy liquid on the rippled, sandy surface is the only indication that a large body of water has recently receded. Once the ocean moves back into place, it is up to us to move on.

    Discovering a sense of anticipation sparked by nature's very own and beautifully unique inner clockwork, an anticipation towards the journeys ahead while our minds battle with uprising expectations and subconscious hopes for the unknown adventures, which remain clouded for now.

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