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  • Project || West-Coast Reggae


    All of us human beings on this planet search for something, a greater purpose often disguised as smaller ‘chunks of life’ scattered seemingly in an irrelevant manner all throughout our life stories. It is later in life, further into our stories that we come to realize these chunks to be the construct of our true purpose.

    “Travelling is a part of life, you need to get out in the world and see what there is.”

    For Cydeways, a group of reggae rockers out of Santa Barbara in California, their greater purpose became a reality when they embarked on their journey across the entire continental United States - from Boston heading westwards - to find a new home and pursue their dream. Blessed to having found their calling, Cydeways spreads their feel-good music all over the Americas and beyond. The group is fronted by Dustin Parks alongside Jeremy Baker, Casey Kernohan and Trevor Buckingham.

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