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  • Project || Wandering


    Peace comes from within us, deep down where our true self resides. For some of us flowing down the fast-paced stream of modern-day life, our self is far too deep to reach. Even when we try to explore the depths of ourselves, we are so often pulled back by whatever else is seemingly in dire need of our attention. And so stress reigns supreme - once again - suppressing our innate desire to find the very peace that lies within us.

    There is, however, an antidote to all this. Nature, in its purest form. When our environment with all its external factors changes to tranquility, we are no longer under the reign of stress and ambition, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. And it is here that we no longer need to achieve, attain and aspire, yet let go, breathe and simply wander the path that has no destination. It is here that we wander with soul.

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