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    Her love for travel writing was sparked several years ago when Joanna Riquett started her first blog written in Spanish by the name of Viajes Anacrónicos. Joanna utilised the digital space to recount stories of her own experiences living abroad for the very first time, a collection of her personal travel memories. Fascinated by how different the colours of light appeared in every city Joanna visited, she started sharing her dearest emotions and feelings. “Walking down a street trying to imagine how life of the people, who inhabit this place, is like. Observing my surrounding and understanding the dynamics of a city; that is my true passion.”

    56 cities and 23 countries later, she continues to observe and explore the world in all its beauty. According to her, the mere idea of being in a different place is much more profound than taking photos with well-known landmarks and posting them to social media. Her mission is to inspire people not only to travel, but to realize how big and beautiful this world is, and what place we occupy in it. For this purpose, she launched her own publication known as HAYO Magazine to find people with unique stories around the globe.

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