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    Paola Secci is a passionate Italian designer, who created her own beachwear brand named "La Graciosa". The name comes from a little Canarian Island by the same name where Paola lived and was fortunate to be inspired by its amazing natural ocean vibes. In Spanish "La Graciosa" means "pretty", which is her idea of woman's beauty: natural, simple, authentic and respectful.

    She strongly believes in conscious fashion and so chooses for her bikinis only 100% recycled fabrics. It is her way of being different and ethical, respecting the planet in the production of her bikinis. That is, using such materials allows her not to put more fabrics and ultimately more waste into the market, and simply reuse what already exists.

    Through the bikinis, she aims to express something of herself and her world including the natural elements that surrounded her life, the places where she spends most of her time: Sardinia Island, Canarias islands, Barcelona and the south of Spain.

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