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    "Exploring our planet is the greatest piece of satisfaction one can get out of life."

    A bold statement that most of us can quite easily identify with. It is more than just a statement for Maxwell McKinley, it is his firm believe. Maxwell is a photographer and videographer living in Seattle. After a stint in buzzing New York City to find himself as well as to experience first-hand what the world has to offer, he decided to come back home to pursue a dream of starting his own company. A video productions company fittingly named Maxwell James Productions.

    At the age of 25 now, Maxwell is fascinated by the world's natural beauty. No two places are alike and he continues to always see and discover new things on an hourly or minute basis. Why that right there doesn't get people off the couch is something Maxwell cannot understand. For him life is a consistent adventure; every day is a new opportunity for discovery when there is a camera in his hand. The one fear he faces in life is getting old and wondering about the things he didn't get to do, the places he didn't see and the dreams he didn't pursue.

    "Experience builds creativity, seeing the world develops my art."

    According to Maxwell, what inspires him to be an artist behind the camera is the vast opportunity of creativity. This also contributes significantly to where he sees his purpose, the purpose of his work is to truly inspire others to get out and experience what the world holds. His photography is not just a way of expression, yet also to show others how blessed we all are to wake up to a beautiful world every day.

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