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  • Project || Magical Moments


    As a New York born designer, Christine Carforo started off charcoaling portraits, yet fell in love with the technical aspect of digital design and minimalist aesthetics. Through design, Christine found a passion in photography and, for the first time in her life, had an all-consuming hobby that she fell madly in love with. “Photography is one of those windows in life that once you fall in love with it, you can never see things the same way again.” This love for photography encouraged her to have the constant desire to travel, which slowly evolved into a wanderlust.

    Her childhood friends, as well as strangers she meets along her travels, are the models often depicted in her photographs. Candids are the most wonderful thing to Christine because they capture people in their true moments, and feel more organic than posed photography.

    “Catching those raw moments through a photograph is one of the most magical aspects of photography and moment collecting.”

    Although most people dread cloudy, foggy or rainy days, Christine thrives on those with her photography, as the palette she enjoys most emerges on those days. Muted colours like tans, dark greens, blacks and whites are what she is attracted to most in her photographs and designs.

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