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  • Project || Loving Freely


    The art of loving freely and why non-attachment is the best kind of love.

    There is an absolute freedom of knowing that you can love someone with no expectations. There is an expansive understanding to loving mindfully, to provide for oneself this understanding, we should learn how to accept and give love with full compassion. We cannot learn how to do this if our hearts aren’t big enough to grasp it.

    When we immerse ourselves in the now, there are no clouded thoughts about the future. It makes us appreciate what we have, right here, right now. Accepting what is is the greatest truth. It is not something about any ego, but your capacity to love fully without any anticipation. We respect each other’s individual journey; more so, being able to grow together and we cannot rush or change them the way we want to. We must first learn how to love and accept ourselves – flaws and all. Only then can we experience the free kind of love, only then that we are more capable of extending that love towards another when we have liberated ourselves first.

    When you feel so much love in yourself, you are more than willing to share it. And you don’t care if they want it. You just give 100% love, giving love without expecting anything in return. At least you showed love and not hate. No regrets. Showing your audaciously authentic self and not pretending to be somebody else because you are afraid to show real genuine love should be practiced. This may be revolutionary, paradoxical for some, but a new age perspective on love.

    We shut the doors of fear, that’s what’s interesting, not knowing what is happening to you for you to be in that moment of whoa’s and ooh’s will give you a different kind of experience. It takes an awful lot of courage to be brave and enriching yourself with this kind of love, this is for the brave, people who are willing to take the risk, people who are not afraid of opening and breaking their hearts in new and interesting ways, the nonconforming approach is something diverse that you will never know unless you give it a go.

    It is not that we don’t care if they love us in return, but we commit ourselves entirely of the love we share. Know your limits and you will never be taken advantage of. Birds aren’t meant to be caged; they have wings for a reason. Let them soar, giving them a better view. We should be able to learn how to be happy alone, so when someone comes along, we are already full of it, they’re only a beautiful addition to our lives, when we’re whole before they step into our lives, they do not define our happiness but ourselves.

    This has taken me beyond my comprehension, to love someone without expectations, it has been a wonderful journey making a conscious effort of doing so, not only does it make me feel alive, yet it makes me feel it won’t leave me single, despite not having customary titles, but it will leave me a love that lasts - something real, genuine, and free from resentment.

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