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  • Project || Coconut Island


    Tom Young was born under the big sky of Helena, Montana; raised in the apple orchards of Yakima, Washington and grew up on the beaches of Southern California. His love for music and playing the acoustic guitar, Tom discovered at the age of fifteen while listening to Jack Johnson performing a live version of ‘Flake’ at a local radio station. Unlike most Tom tried to write his own songs before learning others and never stopped. "I didn't know what I was doing, but I knew it felt right. I had learned all the open chords off the Internet and started strumming the ones that worked together while humming melodies and got hooked. There was something magical about the creation of an original, the endless opportunities, never knowing what the next line would be."

    Nowadays, he resides as a singer and songwriter in the hills of Nashville, Tennessee where he released his first EP titled ‘Coconut Island’. A beautiful acoustic album, which he wrote, played and recorded himself with some help from his friend Guthrie Brown.

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