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  • Project || Capturing Simplicity


    "I used to be affected by the things I could never control. These days I just let the tide take me."

    At 31 Daniel Barrass decided that living a life according to the needs of others at all times and all costs was rather counterproductive in the long-run. This revelation made Daniel decide to focus on living a happiness-filled, rewarding life. While he acknowledges that the change was a major life decision and as such, a hard one to make, it was the right decision and one that has provided him with many unforgettable moments along the way.

    "Beauty in simple, ordinary things is what makes them extraordinary."

    Daniel’s photography is all about noticing the little things­ while travelling and taking pictures of nature's beauty. A beauty he discovers in the great outdoors and his own backyard; finding both the quirky and the majestic in far lands as well as at his doorstep.

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