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  • Deep in the Ozarks

    by Jodie Davidson

    My adventures don’t come from traveling the world or waking up to a gorgeous beach sunrise every day; however, they’re just as inspiring. Living in the Ozarks has a special charm to it and, if you’re willing to explore a little, you can find some real gems that definitely satisfy the soul! For those who love a great hike like I do, you’re sure to love the place I ventured to deep in the Northern Arkansas woodland, the Hawksbill Crag Trail.

    I can’t glorify our trip there, I may have gotten lost a couple of times down some small country roads, and my little blue car definitely isn’t built for off-road terrain. However, once you make it up the steep five mile gravel road, you’re at the trailhead ready to explore. On the way to our destination, we had a moderately easy one-and-a-half mile hike, filled with so many beautiful wildflowers, small creeks, spring waterfalls and a bluff line with a view for miles! The trail comes to an end at this point in the bluff that jets out a hundred feet above the ground; it’s almost shaped like a bird’s beak protruding from the side.

    The view from that one spot is breathtaking; I am not sure if that word even does it justice as there is so much serenity in just standing there looking out upon the tree tops. The view is similar to the Smokey Mountains, yet here, they’re just our Ozark Mountains in all their glory. We remained there for quite some time, uninterrupted by fellow hikers. We had lunch, we took amazing pictures and even practiced our yoga; it was an invigorating moment.

    This hike is perfect for those who love to stop and take in the world around them, those who like to appreciate the simple things in life. What I achieved most from this trip wasn’t the story I could tell, but the feeling I got from standing on Whitakers Point; it reminded me just how small I am in this world and how large and amazing our Earth is. As Chief Seattle once said, “This we know: the Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the Earth.”

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