To the adventure seeking individuals, the global citizens guided by wanderlust, the forever exploring discoverers of our modern times. This is your community across continents, your belonging to global unity. This is your life of expressing who you truly are; expressing your unique self through style. A style inspired by the universal love for travelling this beautiful planet of ours and exploring the adventurous unknown.

This is your culture, your vogue. This is HAVAIII.


  • Motionless and Light

    Exploring the rocky shorelines near Xel-Há while allowing our bodies to float on the water's surface, tenderly being carried by a soft current of fresh, chilled water. Out here, only waves splashing against us from time to time create sounds; while our bodies move smoothly and steadily, life appears to be motionless.

    Discovering a state of complete relaxation of the body and the mind, having all physical and mental burdens carried by outer forces. Out here, we are stripped of all the weight. Out here, we are light and we are free.

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